Wall Unit Repairs

Wall units are typically placed for the purpose of temperature controlling a certain room. While many issues can be solved by making sure that your wall unit is regularly cleaned and maintained, sometimes problems occur. The most common problems we see occur with wall units include:

  • The system stops running
  • There is one or more blown fuses
  • It cools a section of the room but not the entire room
  • The fan is heard running but no cool air comes out
  • The unit provides cooling without the use of the fan
  • The unit consistently turns itself on and off

If you have been experiencing one of these issues or any other issues associated with your wall unit, call the expert technicians at Dandi HVAC. Our experts will take a look at your wall unit, assess the issue, and work hard to solve it the same day. We take great pride in providing you with quality care and support so that you can relax knowing that your wall unit repair is in the right hands. We will work with you and your budget to ensure we are always on the same page throughout the whole process. 

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